Systron Donner Inertial to Exhibit back-to-back at 2018 ION PLANS and AUVSI XPONENTIAL

Systron Donner Inertial (SDI) would like to invite you to visit us at the end of the month during either of these exciting venues.

  • Booth 6 at the 2018 IEEE/ION Position Location and Navigation Symposium (PLANS) to be held April 24-25, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency, Monterey, California.

  • Booth 906 at 2018 AUVSI XPONENTIAL to be held May 1-3, 2018 at the Colorado Convention Center, Denver, Colorado

At the Exhibitions, we’ll be providing a “sneak-peak” at our high performance non-ITAR SDI300 IMU scheduled for release Q4-2018 and showcasing MEMS performance advantages found in our latest Tactical Grade Quartz MEMS Inertial Systems product extensions specifically optimized for flight control, GPS-denied guidance and navigation for air, land and sea systems.  SDI’s full product line of precision Quartz MEMS sensors and systems has recently expanded and improved with the introduction of the:

  • SDI600 – SDI introduces the industry’s first “all-causes” tactical-grade SDI600 MEMS IMU.  Designed specifically for easy integration into missile and munition applications, the New SDI600 features a breakthrough High-Bandwidth (HBW) gyro-design that is proven to significantly reduce vibration sensitivity and improve overall stability under >25Grms captive carry environments.  The SDI600 delivers 1°/hr gyro & 1mg accel bias performance required by today’s modern weapons systems over the full -55°C to +85°C temperature range.  The shorter-compact IMU features an internal/external T.O.V. data sync., up to 95% BIT coverage and quickly provides accurate full performance data in 1.0 second.  The sealed IMU is reliable up to 20,000 hours MTBF Airborne Uninhabited Fighter (AUF) for captive carriage at 42°C, repeatable, never needs calibration and is an excellent alternative to larger and costlier FOG/RLG technologies.

  • SDI505 – The new SDI505 is a product extension of the popular tactical grade SDI500.  The SDI505 supports four data message synchronization methods with either input synchronization pulse capability or an output time of validity capability.  The user can choose whether the synchronization pulse is internally generated and output as a Time of Validity (TOV) of the output data or whether the SDI505 software will identify the synchronization pulse input and synchronize the output data to the input pulse.  The SDI505 maintains the compact 19 in3, providing for maximum flexibility in densely packed systems.  The SDI505 delivers full temp-range bias performance under 1°/hr and 0.5 milli-g, the IMU offers exceptional low ARW (.02√/hr) and VRW (80µg/rt-hz), with extremely robust vibration performance under 19Grms

  • SDN500 – The SDN500 INS/GPS navigation system is a platform extension of SDI’s proven tactical grade SDI500 IMU.  The product will undergo an upgrade in June 2018 to a newer generation JF2 (C/A) Code GPS receiver and tightly coupled 1 PPS GPS signal to SDI505 IMU synch pulse to improve heading performance and reduce jitter after long periods of operation without dynamic change.  The specifications for the updated SDN500-xE will remain the same as the current SDN500-xD INS/GPS device.  The SDN500 offers superior tactical grade performance not available in any other MEMS GPS/INS system integrating SDI’s latest generation quartz gyros capable of 0.5°/hr. bias in-run stability and exceptionally low ARW (0.02°/Öhr.), quartz accelerometers delivering 0.5 milli-g in-run bias stability and low VRW (80ug/ÖHz.).  The tightly coupled powerful GPS/INS System provides position (3.9m max), horizontal & vertical velocity (0.1 m/s) pitch/roll (1.0 mrad) and heading (1.5 mrad) performance for guidance and navigation applications.

  • SDD3000 - The SDD3000 meets requirements for state-of-the-art systems featuring unmatched MEMS angular rate sensing accuracy and low noise with a digital RS-232 / RS-422 output.  The SDD3000 offers performance rivaling spinning mass gyro technology and RLG/FOG systems with the size and durability advantages inherent in MEMS technology.  The SDD3000 provides a full-range temperature-compensated output with unprecedented 0.5°/hr bias stability and exceptional low 0.01°/√hr ARW.  Ideal for rugged ground vehicle and aerospace applications, the SDD3000 is an extremely versatile rate gyro that can be quickly integrated into new or retrofit applications.

If you have applications in Guidance, Navigation, Flight Control, Stabilization or Geo-Location, we hope you’ll make a point to see us at the show to discuss how our products can bring competitive advantage to your system.  To schedule a meeting or discussion for a specific time, please contact your Sales & Marketing manager listed below.

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We’ll look forward to seeing you at either of these shows.

Best Regards and Thank You for your Trusted Business,

David J. Hoyh, Director Sales & Marketing