QRS28 Multi-Axis Gyroscope (Non-ITAR)

MEMS Miniature Dual-Axis Gyroscope

With one of industry’s smallest form factors, QRS28 couples two of SDI’s robust quartz MEMS rate sensors for unprecedented capabilities in wide bandwidth, repeatable bias performance over temperature and ruggedness in most environments. It is especially suited for demanding applications, which require reliable performance, such as missile seeker gimbal stabilization, where small size and low power consumption is required, while in a low cost design that is also ideally suited for high volume commercial applications.


Dual Axis Capabilities in Small Form Factor
Miniature Size: Only 25gm.(1.05” x 0.71” diameter)
Hermetically Sealed In Stainless Steel Cylinder
High Reliability
DC Input/High-Level DC Analog Output
Low Cost