MotionPak Multi-Axis Inertial Sensing System (Non-ITAR)

Customizable Inertial Sensing System up to Six Degree of Freedom (6DoF)

Coupling three SDI solid-state MEMS angular rate sensors with three high performance linear accelerometers, MotionPak® introduces a true Six Degree of Freedom (6DoF), fully self-contained inertial sensing system in a compact, rugged package with its own power regulation and signal conditioning electronics, ideally suited for extremely accurate measuring of linear accelerations and angular rates in a variety of instrumentation and control applications.


Six High Level Analog Outputs
Wide Bandwidth
Compact, Rugged Package
High Reliability, Long Operating Life
Fully Self-Contained System
Low Cost
Standard Ranges
Full Scale Output (nominal)
Long Term SF Stability (1 year)
Bias Variation over Temperature
Long Term Bias Stability (1 year)
Output Noise (DC to 100Hz)
Gyro Channels: 
±2.5 Vdc
10000 ppm
<2°/sec. from 22°C*
*Values indicated are for ±100°/sec range
Acceleration Channels: 
± 1, 2, 3, 5, & 10g’s
±7.5 Vdc
<1700 ppm
<7.0mV RMS