SDI600 Tactical Grade IMU Inertial Measurement Unit

"All-Causes" Tactical Grade MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit

Air, ground and sea missile and munitions designers are challenged to meet demanding accuracy requirements under extraordinarily difficult operating conditions and do it with size, weight and cost constraints.  SDI has developed the SDI600 to uniquely meet those challenges.  Designed specifically for missile, munition and next-generation weapons applications, the SDI600 delivers the SWAP benefits of Quartz MEMs sensors and sets a new standard for >25Grms captive carry environments for shock and vibration performance.

With a breakthrough High Bandwidth (HBW) Gyro and advanced packaging design, SDI delivers true “all causes” 1 °/hr / 1 mg performance in a uniquely small, light package.  Needing no periodic recalibration and having no moving parts or consumables, the SDI600 will help your program meet tough life requirements, too.  SDI600 is rated at >20K hours MTBF Airborne Uninhabited Fighter (AUF) for captive carriage at 42°C.  With one-second full performance start-up, industry standard serial communication, time-of-validity (TOV) sync, and 95% built-in-test (BIT) coverage, your system integration will be fast & easy.

SDI provides high volume production of precisely micro-machined sensor structures in our quartz technology.  Quartz’s piezoelectric properties deliver inherently large signal output and thermal stability.  The SDI600 is the better alternative to larger-older generation optical RLG/FOG technologies.

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1°/hr Gyro & 1 mg Accel Bias "All-Causes"
2°/hr stability under >25Grms Captive Carry Environments
1.0 second Full Performance Start Up
0.04°/√hr Angle Random Walk
20 Compact Size
95% Built-in Test (BIT) Coverage
20 Year Lifetime without Calibration
Bias over Temperature
Bias In-run Stability
Turn-On to Turn-On Repeatability
Vibe Rec Captive Flight (max)
Full Performance Start-up Time
Random Walk Noise
Operating Temperature
Gyro Channels: 
1.0 second
-55°C to +85°C
Acceleration Channels: 
1.0 mg
1.0 mg
1.0 mg
30 mg
1.0 second
100 μg /√Hz
-55°C to +85°C
Input Voltage: 
10 to 42