Precision Gyroscopes for UGV - Unmanned Ground Vehicle

SDI quartz MEMS MMQG and SDN500 INS/GPS inertial sensing systems
provide exceptional bias stability, low angle random walk values and superior vibration performance characteristics, tightly coupling a digital quartz IMU and option of Coarse/Acquisition (C/A) Code or SAASM GPS engine, offering an extremely small, lightweight and low-cost solution for use in UGVs, enabling safe and secure arrival of personnel and supplies to previously inaccessible areas with pinpoint accuracy, or remote patrolling missions. Our SDD3000 MEMS gyroscope brings unprecedented random angle walk values and bias stability for a highly miniaturized, low-cost solution for further augmentation of navigation, control and guidance (NC&G) systems.

Critical to Customer Requirements: 
Optimized Kalman Filtered Navigation Solution (SDN500)
Self-Contained System
Exceptional Bias Stability
Low Angle Random Walk Values
Superior Vibration Performance
Compact Package Design