Tactical Grade Gyroscopes & Systems for Torpedo Guidance

Capable of providing optimal characteristics required for proven “strap-down” technologies used in torpedo guidance systems, SDI’s quartz MEMS SDI500 Tactical IMU brings previously unheard of angle random walk values (0.02°/√hr.), while maintaining all expected tactical grade performance levels. The SDD3000 Tactical Grade Gyroscope is also a compact answer for precision single axis sensing applications. Both offer unprecedented 1°/hr. Gyro Bias (all causes) and excellent stability, leveraging our latest MEMS quartz tuning fork gyroscope and vibrating quartz accelerometer technologies. SDI’s QRS116 gyroscope provides excellent bias stability, low random angle walk values, and is hermetically sealed in a sub-compact housing. 

Critical to Customer Requirements: 
1°/Hr. Gyro 1 mg Accel Bias, across Temp & Vibe
High Reliability, Long Life
Compact Size
Hermetically Sealed, 20 year Lifetime Performance
Low Angle Random Walk Values