Tactical Grade Gyroscopes & Systems for Missile Targeting

SDI’s quartz MEMS QRS116 and QRS28 gyroscopes provide missile seeker applications with exceptionally low noise, low angle random walk values, low vibration rectification errors and excellent bias repeatability. These miniature gyros enable the missile to make corrections to its flight path with amazing precision. Our SDI500 Tactical IMU provides previously unheard of angle random walk and bias instability values for a tactical grade system across military environments, and provides a self-contained, hermetically sealed inertial system that continuously measures missile attitude to maintain proper weapon trajectory. Each is well suited for use by integrators and OEMs, ready to bring the highest level of system performance to such critical applications.

Critical to Customer Requirements: 
Exceptional Low Noise
Wide Bandwidth
Excellent Bias Repeatability
Compact Design, Small Footprint
Unprecedented Low Angle Random Walk Values
Solid-State, One Piece Design For High MTBF