Tactical Grade Gyroscopes & Systems for Missile Guidance & Control

SDI quartz MEMS QRS116 micromachined gyroscopes provide precision data feedback to roll controls, autopilot/flight controls and seeker stabilization systems and complements performance of rocket boosters aboard tactical missiles. These units offer superior gyro bias stability, low angle random walk and excellent vibration performance in a miniature design. Leveraging industry’s leading MEMS technology to provide previously unheard of in angle random walk values without loss of tactical grade levels across military environments, the SDI500 Tactical IMU is packaged in a highly miniaturized, ultra small footprint volume of only 19 cubic inches (19in³), with internal solid-state gyroscopes and accelerometers for highly accurate uses, including guidance and navigational systems and telemetry functions. Each of these remarkable units are capable of system performance, and are ideally suited for integrators and OEMs to consider in developing reliable, long life systems for this critical applications area.

Critical to Customer Requirements: 
1°/hr.Gyro Bias
High Vibration Performance
Wide-Range Thermal Performance
Ultra Small Footprint
Low Angle Random Walk Values