Tactical Grade Gyroscopes & Systems for Defense Helicopter

Functioning as systems unto themselves, SDI quartz MEMS QRS116 gyroscopes quickly identify and enable instantaneous control adjustments for gyro systems in pitch and roll angles, serving as independent devices for sophisticated flight control. Our SDI500 Tactical IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) raises the bar of sophistication in a self-contained device capable of unprecedented random angle walk values without loss of tactical grade levels across military environments, packaged in a highly miniaturized, ultra small footprint volume of less than 19 cubic inches. SDI’s SDN500 INS/GPS Tactical System provides navigation, guidance and control, armed with the same capabilities that assure retention of tactical grade levels, bringing a complete system solution into view, while ideally suited for integration into existing systems.

Critical to Customer Requirements: 
High Vibration Capability
Bias Stability
Low Noise
Low Random Angle Walk Values
System/Unit Miniaturization