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Evidence of Systron Donner’s Leading Position in Inertial Sensing & Systems Solutions

Systron Donner Inertial (SDI) provides leading technologies and systems, where our gyros and rate sensors, multi-axis sensing systems and INS/GPS navigational, guidance and control (GN&C) systems are at work aboard a broad cross-section of applications. Many of these applications include advanced tactical and critical performance levels. Precision integration of our advanced quartz micromachined solid-state sensors with discrete electronics and specialized GPS, digital signal processing (DSP), user-programmability and user-friendly interfaces create a cadre of designs that offer system miniaturization, low power consumption and lightweight benefits that exceed virtually every system requirement for reliable, repeatable performance. With this level of product integrity and value in long life and accuracy, integrators and OEMs using these stand-alone sensors and systems are excellent examples of customer trust.

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