Industrial OEM

In today's challenging and demanding Industrial Market, Systron Donner Inertial (SDI) is known for agility, innovation, and commitment. SDI supplies the world’s highest performance MEMS Inertial Sensors & Systems. Our quartz MEMS products deliver a clear, continuously improving SWaPC advantages over alternative technologies.

The source of these advantages resides in our ultra-pure, monocrystalline quartz sensor material. Its exceptional strength and stability are complemented by strong, piezoresistivity. Systron Donner Inertial’s micromachining fab creates, stable, accurate Quartz MEMS sense elements.. The benefit to our customers is:

  • High precision and sensitivity
  • No known wear-out modes or recalibration drives down life cycle cost
  • Industry leading signal/noise performance

Industrial OEM Critical to Customer Requirements Include: High Reliability & Long Life, Low Angle Random Walk, Compact Size, Outstanding Full Temperature Bias Stability, Cost Effective, Non-ITAR.

SDI Delivers Precision Performance: Non-ITAR gyros, IMU and INS/GPS, Full Temperature Bias Stability, Extremely Low Noise, High Reliability & Long Life, Compact Size, Agility, Responsiveness and Short Lead Times.

Systron Donner Inertial products have no moving parts, no friction, and no known modes of wear out, require no recalibration or rebuilding; therefore deliver industry-leading reliability under the most demanding conditions through dedicated engineering technology and manufacturing operations excellence, and AS9100 Aerospace Quality System Certification.

SDI provides gyroscopes, multi-axis systems, IMUs and INS/GPS systems used for guidance and position control, stabilization and geo-location for remote operated vehicles, mapping equipment and imaging systems.