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MMQG Reaching End of Life

For many years, customers have depended on Systron Donner Inertial’s (SDI) MMQGTM INS/GPS product.  The MMQG product line was first introduced in the early 2000’s.  Now, due to various component obsolescence issues, the MMQG is reaching its end of life.  We have made last buys of parts going obsolete and Systron Donner Inertial’s production outlook for the MMQG extends out to late 2014 to early 2015, based on current known demand.

We at SDI truly appreciate your loyal business and hope to continue to serve you with our new SDN300 INS/GPS, a product extension of our commercial industrial SDI300 IMU currently in development.  The SDN300 will incorporate the latest commercial gyro and Si-MEMS accelerometer technology, CA-code GPS receiver and software, delivering overall better performance (with and without GPS), faster GPS acquisition and alignment times and reliability as compared to MMQG.  Due to the overall improvement in performance, the SDN300 will be slightly larger (15 and weigh more (1.0 pound) than today’s MMQG.  The SDN300 is being designed as a next generation commercial INS/GPS system, yet it will be a functional replacement to the MMQG for legacy applications.  The new SDN300 is scheduled for commercial release in February 2016.  SDN300 engineering samples, which may be used for requalification or other testing, will be ready for release beginning November 2015.

Given that the number of MMQGTM units which can be produced is finite, we urge you to review your demand outlook and work with us to enable the smoothest possible transition.  As an aid to that, SDI will hold 2014 pricing for hardware shipped in 2015.  Please consult with your SDI Sales and Marketing Manager for details on any of the following:

­Current MMQGTM product forecasting, production allocation and transition timing schedule.

SDI300 IMU or SDN300 INS/GPS product features and specifications.


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