The Inertial MEMS Performance Leader 


The SDD3000 is SDI’s high performance, digital, single-axis gyroscope. Incorporating an advanced Quartz MEMS sensing element, it is optimized for applications that require low noise and excellent stability over changes in temperature and through vibration. SDI’s proprietary Quartz MEMS technology delivers high reliability and a low total cost of ownership, with no wear-out modes or required calibration intervals. Boasting a small size, light weight and very low power consumption, the SDD3000 is truly a leader in its performance class.

The SDD3000 combines our most advanced sensing element with state-of-the-art digital signal processing (DSP) technology, yielding superior performance through even the most demanding conditions. Delivering unprecedented low Angle Random Walk values (output noise) and class-leading stability among MEMS gyros, the SDD3000 is an ideal solution for stabilization, precision pointing applications, instrumentation, motion sensing and GPS/AHRS integrations.

The SDD3000 outputs angular rate and BIT data continuously upon the application of power, with no user input or start command required. Offered with two standard connection protocols (RS-232 or RS-422) and data rates (600 HZ or 100 Hz), the SDD3000 can be easily integrated into any system. Excellent stability over temperature and turn-on-to-turn-on bias repeatability over extended periods of use make the SDD3000 particularly well-suited for many stabilization and instrumentation roles. 

The QRS116 utilizes an advanced Quartz MEMS inertial sensing element which delivers ground-breaking levels of low angle random walk, bias stability and vibration performance. The QRS116 is a compact angular rate sensor ideally suited for applications in tactical, aerospace and mission-critical instrumentation.

The QRS116 features exceptionally low noise, fast start-up, and a simple electrical interface, the QRS116 has no moving parts ensuring long service life and high MTBF.

The QRS11 is a compact, lightweight design, that features Quartz MEMS technology providing a solid-state gyro offering virtually unlimited life. The QRS11’s combination of high performance and long life makes it well suited for OEM’s and system integrators designing cost effective, high performance systems.

The QRS11 requires only DC voltage inputs to provide reliable, extremely accurate angular rate measurements with the benefit of no moving parts. With a hermetically sealed sensing element, the QRS11 has provided reliable performance in aircraft, missile and space systems across many demanding application environments.

For the most demanding commercial and aerospace applications, the SDG1400 offers class-leading performance and stability in a small, rugged package. Utilizing an advanced Quartz MEMS inertial sensing element, it provides superior bias stability and repeatability.

The SDG1400 has no moving parts and exceptional MTBF performance. A commercial, off the shelf product, it gives fast start-up, very low noise and high bandwidth, making it ideal for critical applications in commercial and aerospace applications. The SDG1400 is completely self-contained and has a simple DC input, and high level DC output.

Featuring performance advantages over other gyros in its class, the SDG500 is a completely self contained angular rate sensor. Utilizing a Quartz MEMS inertial sense element housed in a compact, rugged aluminum case, it provides virtually unlimited life.

An on-board temperature sensor allows the user to enhance performance via thermal modeling and correction. With a simple DC input and high level DC output, the SDG500 will integrate quickly and simply into your designs.

The QRS14 is an exceptionally capable solid-state gyroscope expressly designed for use in a broad range of applications. Featuring solid-state quartz MEMs technology, this unit combines excellent vibration, noise, and virtually unlimited life. Enclosed in a compact housing, the QRS14 provides a DC voltage input, analog DC voltage output proportional to the rotational rate. The QRS14 is available in two different model variations, with either a positive or dual-power supply option.

The HORIZON™  gyroscope offers solid-state quartz MEMS technology enclosed in a compact housing ideally suited for use by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and system integrators designing cost effective systems. This highly functional design provides high reliability yet is lightweight for easy board mounting and integration into a wide variety of specifc applications and packaging requirements. The HORIZON™  features excellent vibration performance, low noise and long life reliability. A high level analog voltage output signal, proportional to an angular rate input, is provided by a single DC voltage input.