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SDI's most advanced GPS/INS Tactical Grade System. The compact SDN500 combines latest generation quartz gyros, quartz accelerometers, high speed signal processing and a 48-channel Coarse/Acquisition (C/A) Code GPS receiver into a powerful, tightly coupled Guidance and Navigation System. There is also an option to utilize a Selective Availability Anti-spoofing Module (SAASM) GPS receiver. The versatile tactical grade system delivers a reliable 3.9 meter Spherical Error Probable (SEP) GPS-aided accuracy. SDI’s proprietary Quartz MEMS Inertial Sensors maintain position and attitude accuracy in the event of loss of GPS tracking. The low power SDN500 is designed for integrator and OEM use in the latest demanding smaller, more scalable system applications. The SDN500 is an ideal solution for critical applications in such areas as geo-surveying, unmanned air and ground vehicles, precision targeting and positioning, and enables excellent system solutions in demanding commercial applications.